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8 Rowsley Station Road
Maddingley, VIC, 3340

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Why should I visit Western Region Waste Recycling Centre (WRWRC), when there are other tips closer to me? 

We are confident that visiting WRWRC will be more affordable (see our competitive Rubbish Tip Costs, and more convenient for all customers, whether you are a tradesperson or have a small trailer of household waste and recyclables.

We are fully undercover, so whether it is rain, hail or 45 degrees in the shade, it will be a lot more comfortable dropping your waste and recyclables at our centre. We have lots of fully concreted bays, so you can get in and out quickly, and your vehicle will stay clean. 

What sort of waste can I drop off at Western Region Waste and Recycling Centre?

We accepts the following types of waste: general household waste, cardboard and cardboard boxes, glass, electronics, assorted metals, green waste (also known as garden waste), car and truck tyres, mattresses, fire extinguishers and motor oil.

What waste is not accepted by Western Region Waste and Recycling Centre?

WRWRC does not accept the following types of waste: 

  • Dangerous goods
  • Food waste (also known as putrescible waste)

Where is the recycling centred located? 

Our address is 8 Rowsley Road, Maddingley, south-east of Bacchus Marsh. Click here for a map of our location 

When is the recycling centre open?

The recycling centre is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm.

How far is the recycling centre from nearby towns?

  • 8 minutes from Bacchus Marsh Shopping Centre
  • 17 minutes from Woodgrove Shopping Centre (Melton)
  • 23 minutes from Manor Lakes Shopping Centre
  • 43 minutes from Sunbury Square Shopping Centre

What are the costs for dropping off rubbish and recycling?

All rubbish tip costs, for different vehicle sizes and trailer sizes - for household, trades and commercial customers - can be found here

Where do I pay, and what payment options are there? 

All payments are taken at the gatehouse, before you drop-off your rubbish. All payments are EFTPOS Only. No cash transaction under any circumstances.

Can I get help with unloading rubbish?

Yes, you can certainly get assistance with unloading your rubbish. When you arrive at the gatehouse for payment, ask us for assistance and if it is safe to do, we will help you out. 

You can ask for assistance to unload a car boot or small trailer, and for larger trailers or items that are heavy or unwieldy, we can use a forklift with a grabber to assist with unloading if needed.

We ask that all visitors to the Western Region Waste and Recycling Centre take great care with lifting heavy items, and ask for help if you believe an item is too heavy. We take safety very seriously at WRWRC.


0488 795 580